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December 15, 2018

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Now these are just a few of the guys from TallShips2000 Bermuda! Most of the guys were English or atleast from the UK! You all had funny accents, but it was quite cute! Sorry Jon that i don't have you on the page, but i dont have a picture of you! If you wanna send me one then ill be more than happy to add you!
For the people who were not lucky enough to meet these great guys they are: left: Mark (Stavros..we all know what that means right!), top: Paul and Keith, middle: Chris (Scottie/Haggis) and Mark again, right: Vince!
Well heres a poem i wrote for you guys:
Like all good things
there are always ends
this party has finished
with a few more friends!

I hope to see you guys ALL soon! For the others that arent on here, im intending on getting more of you up soon, dont take the piss! (hehehe, Chris!)